Find customers faster

Leadbook’s database and marketing automation platform provides marketers with instant access to a global 200 million contacts, automated workflows, and unlimited email sending.

Email marketing, at scale.

Email marketing: 40X ROI* limited by scalability

Email is a derivative channel that’s limited by the size of your contact database. Leadbook lets you scale up instantly by maximising the volume of your engagements without putting a heavy burden on cost per lead and time spent.

* ROI: return on investment

Smart Insights, 2017

Reach a new audience

Reach a larger audience

Reach the right audience

Marketing automation platform with 200 million contacts

Reach a large global audience, personalise content at scale, identify not just leads, but warm leads, and activate prospect conversations.

Reach a large global audience

Verified global database
  • Powered by A.I., data mining, and social networks
  • Self-updating and growing
  • 200 million contacts from 11.5 million organisations across 195 countries and 150 industries
  • Verified business contacts for decision makers
  • Largest database for Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets

Engage at scale

Outbound email engine
  • Send 1 million emails a day
  • No risk of blacklisting for client’s domain, protect client’s server reputation
  • 5 measures of deliverability & compliance
  • 7 metrics for response rates & performance
  • Managed bounce and spam filters
  • Delivery cadence
  • Personalise and customise at scale
  • Content optimisation

Automate your workflow

Marketing automation
  • Smart targeting analytics
  • Campaign sequencing
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Lead scoring
  • Closed-loop engagement
  • Integrate with choice CRMs

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