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Only Pay for Verified Data. Updates Are Free Of Charge
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Global Leads Database
Leadbook helps sales teams discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about their prospects and customers. Leadbook provides unlimited search, segmentation and preview of searched results so users feel confident they are unlocking the right organisation or contact profiles.
Only Pay For Verified Data
Unlocking a contact will trigger a real-time verification of selected contact information. This is done instantly by our infrastructure servers. Verified contacts include a verified business email address. Information that cannot be verified is free of charge, even when it is accurate.
Updates are free of charge
Leadbook marks all the leads unlocked by a user. The marked records are updated automatically and free of charge. We also store the records online so you will never purchase duplicates from us.
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IE Singapore Collaboration

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore partners Singapore companies to go global. Finding overseas partners is one of the top challenges faced by internationalising SMEs. In collaboration with Leadbook, companies can now leverage the online platform to access over 7 million organisations in 110 industries across 145 countries. With this, they can conduct market sizing, lead generation, database management, targeted email outreach and outbound calls with prospective partners.

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