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Leadbook is a database marketing platform
that provides marketers with instant access to 200 million contacts, email marketing automation tools, and the means to send millions of emails every month.

Email marketing, at scale.

Marketing automation platform with 200 million contacts

Reach a large global audience, personalise content at scale, identify not just leads, but warm leads, and activate prospect conversations.

Email marketing: 40X ROI* limited by scalability

Email is a derivative channel that’s limited by the size of your contact database. Leadbook lets you scale up instantly by maximising the volume of your engagements without putting a heavy burden on cost per lead and time spent.

* ROI: return on investment

Reach a new audience

Reach a larger audience

Reach the right audience

Reach a large global audience

Verified global database
  • Powered by A.I., data mining, and social networks
  • Self-updating and growing
  • 200 million contacts from 11.5 million organisations across 195 countries and 150 industries
  • Verified business contacts for decision makers
  • Largest database for Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets

Engage at scale

Outbound email engine
  • Send up to 1 million emails per month
  • No risk of blacklisting for client’s domain, protect client’s server reputation
  • 5 measures of deliverability & compliance
  • 7 metrics for response rates & performance
  • Managed bounce and spam filters
  • Delivery cadence
  • Personalise and customise at scale
  • Content optimisation

Automate your workflow

Marketing automation
  • Smart targeting analytics
  • Campaign sequencing
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Lead scoring
  • Closed-loop engagement
  • Integrate with choice CRMs

Trusted by global brands worldwide

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