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100% verified global database and the largest for Asia, with 20,000,000 decision makers from 4,000,000 organisations cross 165 countries.

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Use our contacts database to run lead generation email campaigns to millions of decision makers, without bounces or being blacklisted.

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20Million Verified Contacts
4Million Organisations

Your database is now 100% verified.

All contacts are verified using our proprietary triangulation methodology powered by Artificial Intelligence. We ensure all contacts have 100% valid email ID before adding them to the platform. In addition, we re-verify the entire database every 3 months to remove invalid contacts. This will ensure you always have minimal email bounce rate.
We still expect a natural data erosion to happen in-between our verification cycles, therefore we guarantee the free replacement of any invalid email ID up to 30 days after you unlock a profile.


Your data is automatically updated.

The profiles you acquire from Leadbook are maintained on the cloud platform and continuously updated with new verified information, at no additional cost. You will be notified automatically when contacts become outdated, for example when the contacts are no longer employed by the organization.

All users from your team can access the entire database worldwide and see what has been unlocked by another user. This means your team will never purchase the same data twice and will have no duplicates. We validate all contacts before adding them to the platform and we run quarterly verification cycles. However, if you find duplicates, you can report them to us and get credits back to unlock new profiles.


Your Global database and the largest for Asia-Pacific.

You now have access to a Global database and the largest dataset for Asia-Pacific. Beyond the data available on the platform, we have another 350 million contacts and another 35 million organisation profiles in process. We have data in double-byte characters, including in Chinese and Japanese. This means your database will continue to grow every day. At the moment, we are adding 1,000,000 new contacts or organisation profiles every month.


You can do unlimited searches and previews.

You can create an account for free and will receive credits to trial the platform. You have lifetime access to your account, there is no time limit to your trial. You can purchase credits at any time. We operate a consumption model with a credit system that allows you to pick and choose only what you need. You can do unlimited searches and preview all profiles before you decide to spend your credits to unlock profiles.

These credits are shared among all the users. Your credits are valid for 365 days before expiration. The data you unlock is available to you for life. Even without credits, you can login into the platform at any time to see the updates, download your data or send via integration to your CRM.


You can ask for unique datasets & insights.

Our core expertise in data transformation and reorganisation makes extensive use of natural language processing and machine learning. We have the ability to acquire additional data, in any language, to supplement our datasets. In addition, we leverage expertise in factor analysis, pattern mining and predictive modelling to support our customers.
We have completed dozens of analytic projects for enterprise customers. The specialization into the issues about new customer acquisition, market entry, business development, commercial growth, target prioritisation and sales productivity has given us a unique perspective and a higher ability to support the sales & marketing function.


Your partner for outreach campaigns.

We have sophisticated email automation engine with dedicated backend server infrastructures for sending, receiving and tracking millions of emails. You can choose to rent our data instead of buying and access to millions of verified business contacts across every geography, industry, organisation sizes, seniority levels and departments.
You select the right prospect segments, prepare the original content and set the goals. Let us worry about email bounces, domain blacklisting, spam filters, server reputation, delivery cadences or scheduling. We have experience delivering campaigns for invitations to events, marketing communication opt-in, press releases distribution or lead generation in general.

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Singapore SMEs can now accelerate their go-to-market strategy easily through a global customer intelligence database offered by Enterprise Singapore and Leadbook. Discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about your customers.

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