How it works

It’s easy to get started. It’s easier to keep things going. Here’s how it goes:

Find your target audience

Leadbook’s database is free to use. This means unlimited searching, browsing, and list-building from 200 million contacts and 11.5 million organisations. Search using our preset filters or key in custom keywords.

Create personalised content

Import ready html, customise from templates, or build from scratch. Craft emails, forms and landing pages that let you engage at a personal level. Make announcements, extend invitations, spread awareness and more. Start and maintain prospect conversations.

Build campaign workflow

Specify audience segments and schedule targeted engagements. Set conditions, triggers and actions to automatically nurture and qualify leads. Configure closed-loop engagements and personalised customer journeys.

Track campaign performance

Monitor conversion rates for each campaign activity, track each contact’s engagement history and lead score, compare asset performances, consolidate form results and more.

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