Consent Acquisition

Acquire Permission Based Subscribers & Stay Compliant With Data Regulations

Consent acquisition is the process of getting verifiable permission from the users to allow marketers to send them marketing emails. Building targeted email lists with consent can help marketers achieve higher engagement rates and lower churn rates.

Leadbook offers marketers a simple solution to run opt-in campaigns to get the contact’s consent (permission) before sending out marketing emails.

Rent Your Ideal Customers

Zoom in and lock your target market segment using the contact and company filters available on the Leadbook platform. Select your ideal customers and rent out the contact list for run consent acquisition emails.

Create Consent Email

Use a template available in the platform for acquiring consent for opt-in. Create a consent email for your contact list to obtain permission before sending marketing emails.

Manage Opt-in & Opt-Out

Based on user preferences on email consent, track opt-ins and opt-outs and sync subscriber data with your CRM or marketing automation platform.

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How to Acquire Consent for Email Campaigns

Leadbook is a lead generation partner offering a full suite of technology and services to marketers. Marketers leverage Leadbook’s self-serve platform to augment their supply of fresh leads. Or partner with us to use our expertise to manage the lead generation campaigns on their behalf.

Rent email lists, send consent emails & manage subscribers

Leverage the Leadbook platform to select your search filter, rent your email list, run consent email campaigns and generate permission-based lists.

Managed Consent Acquisition Services

Build a permission-based list of your ideal customers. Let us help you manage and grow your subscriber base.