Contact Management

Acquire, Import, Segment & Manage Your Contacts Seamlessly

Rent, Purchase, or Import Contacts

Sort, manage or export all contacts, companies, and lists on the platform seamlessly. Marketers can rent or purchase contact lists from the platform or simply import their lists onto the Leadbook platform and automate the email sending.

Segment Your Audience

Select the right audience and send targeted messages for better campaign performance. Leadbook’s segmentation options allow marketers to filter contacts based on their attributes or behavior and create segments. You can segment contacts based on their firmographic or demographic attributes such as industry, location, job title, etc. At the same time, you can also segment them based on their behavioral attributes such as email read, clicked, or unsubscribed. Segments can be used to hyper-personalize the campaign content and boost the campaign ROI.

Manage Unsubscribes / Opt-outs / DNC

Marketers never want their contacts to opt-out, but there could be several reasons contacts choose to unsubscribe to our marketing communications. Hence, as a part of email marketing, it becomes essential to build a good practice of unsubscribe management. Leadbook’s unsubscribe management allows end-users / recipients to unsubscribe (opt-out) from email campaigns at any given time and enables marketers to keep track of all such recipients who choose to unsubscribe.