Data & Analytics

We are uniquely positioned to offer valuable data & analytic services to help sales & marketing teams accelerate growth.

1. Deep expertise in data mining and artificial intelligence techniques.

Our core expertise in data transformation and reorganisation makes extensive use of natural language processing and machine learning. We have the ability to acquire additional data, in any language, to supplement our datasets. In addition, we leverage expertise in factor analysis, pattern mining and predictive modelling to support our customers.

2. Leverage one of the world’s largest database of verified business information.

Global database and the largest for Asia, with 20,000,000 executive contacts from 4,000,000 organisations across 165 countries. Beyond the online platform, we have an additional 350 million contacts and another 35 million organisation profiles in process. We have data in double-byte characters, including in Chinese and Japanese.

3. Specialised in supporting the sales & marketing function.

We have completed dozens of analytic projects for enterprise customers. The specialization into the issues about new customer acquisition, market entry, business development, commercial growth, target prioritisation and sales productivity has given us a unique perspective and a higher ability to support the sales & marketing function.

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