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Leadbook’s custom data services for high-performance marketing

✓ Custom contact and company lists     ✓ Technology install base data     ✓ CRM data cleansing and enrichment

Tailored approach to achieve your data acquisition needs

Tailor-made services for unique data needs

For data acquisition, one size does not fit all. Every marketing team can have unique data and research requirements for their go-to-market strategy. Hence we provide data-on-demand services that are tailor-made for your specific requirements. We offer bespoke solutions to address marketing data requirements for custom contact and company lists, technographic segmentation of target markets, or account profiles.

Best of both worlds – technology & people

We help you with research-on-demand for your target markets using a unique mix of technology, processes, and people. Our team of data engineers and research analysts leverages Leadbook’s AI-powered platform to extract, sort, package, and deliver the right datasets that meet your unique requirement.

Leadbook Data Services

Custom Contact & Company lists

Build hyper-targeted custom contact and company lists that aligns with your go-to-market strategy. We offer a lot more than the traditional firmographic segmentation to zoom in to your ideal customer for your targeted marketing campaigns.

Lead Gen

Technology Install Base Data

Know your target customers and their technology stack before you reach out to them. Use technographic segmentation to unveil the hardware & software technologies a company uses within your total addressable market.

CRM Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Dirty data in CRM is the top cause for the failure of CRM initiatives, according to a report from Gartner. We address CRM data issues such as invalid emails, incomplete or inaccurate contact data, and duplicates. We help companies clean CRM data and fix inconsistencies within it and enrich the records with meaningful information.


Case Studies

Defining Priority Accounts for Sales Development

Salesforce is a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce also provides a suite of commercial applications for managing sales & marketing activities

The Challenge

Identify the rights accounts to allocate to sales teams across Asia-Pacific.

Leadbook Solution

  • Helped design specific industry segments and geographic distribution to each sales team in each country.
  • Built list of target accounts for each new customer acquisition team.
  • Provided all the relevant business decision makers and their social network handles for outreach via social networks.

Decision Makers for Priority Accounts

Akamai is the leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions

The Challenge

Identify the right Mid-Market accounts and key decision makers to accelerate Akamai’s growth in Asia-Pacific.

Leadbook Solution

  • Build a customer persona for each of the 7 key geographies (India, Australia, SEA, China, HK/TW, Japan and Korea).
  • Identified 8,000 “Ideal Customer Targets” named accounts for acquisition across Asia-Pacific.
  • Delivered 20,000 key decision makers across 6 departments, including senior management, finance and IT.

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