Email Marketing

Reach out to your target audience with beautifully crafted emails

We make sending marketing campaigns easier for you. Leadbook’s platform has an array of email marketing features that is easy-to-use yet powerful to personalize and scale up your email marketing.

Design Beautiful Emails

Create beautiful-looking emails using Leadbook’s email builder in moments. Select a template from one of the professionally designed templates from the email library and edit it using the drag and drop editor to create appealing designs for your emails. Or build an email from scratch by importing your HTML code.

Personalize Email Content

Hyper-personalize your email content for your audience and increase the email engagement score. Leadbook’s email marketing engine allows marketers to fetch dynamic content like contact’s name or company name from your email lists and include it in your email content to add authenticity and personalization to your emails.

Rent, Purchase, or Import Contacts

Leadbook is a unique all-in-one platform designed for marketers to search for their target audience and send them emails. So marketers can rent or purchase contact lists from the platform and use it to send their email campaigns. Or simply import their lists onto the Leadbook platform and automate the email sending.

A/B Testing of Emails

A/B testing is a proven approach to test and optimize the performance of your email campaigns. We got you covered when it comes to running A/B tests for your emails. Create multiple variations of your email using the email builder or simply test the performance of different email copies or subject lines. Analyze the performance of your A/B test and select the champion variant for your future campaigns.

Measure Email Campaign Performance

Track a wide spectrum of email campaign performance metrics to gauge the interest levels of the users. Get deeper insights into all your email campaign performance on a single dashboard. Track historical campaign performance data and understand the content that your users like the most and are most engaged with.