Email Verification

Keep your marketing email lists fresh & clean with Leadbook’s real-time email verification service

Maintaining email list hygiene is the key to reduce email bounces and build a high sender domain reputation. We help marketers to verify email addresses to ensure your emails land in the inbox and campaigns have a high delivery rate.

Real-time Verification

Leadbook’s real-time verification check gets activated once you wish to unlock or rent contacts on the platform. The verification algorithm scans the entire data set on the spot and returns only the validated contacts for your use.

Import & Validate Your Contacts

Import your marketing email lists to the platform and run our bulk email verification service to identify the bad emails. Verify and analyze the emails and get the list ready for sending emails.

High Accuracy Guaranteed

Since we run the highest standards of checks for our email verification process, we are confident about the accuracy. We have a policy of refunding the credits back to your account if you encounter any hard bounces within 30 days of the verification.