How it works

It’s easy to get started. It’s easier to keep things going. Here’s how it goes:

Build your target audience

Import your contacts and supplement your database with rented contacts from Leadbook’s 200 million verified business contacts. Assign ownerships, tag your contacts, and segment your audience.


Create personalised content

Import email-ready html, customise from templates, or build from scratch. Personalise at scale with personalisation tokens and dynamic content. Create targeted emails, landing pages, and forms.

Programme automated events and triggers

Set behaviour-based or segment-based conditions. Schedule and sequence email dispatches, and automate reminders and follow-ups.


Nurture and qualify leads

Monitor lead scores and engagement histories. Gather prospect data and qualify, re-segment, and re-target your audience. Set activity thresholds and user notifications.

Measure and track campaign performance

Gain insights from measurable results to optimise your content and engagement journeys.

Workflow_Campaign Results and Analytics

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