Lead Acquisition

Accelerate your marketing funnel with Leadbook’s highly qualified marketing leads

We understand the value of highly qualified marketing leads for successful marketing campaigns. Hence we help marketing teams source leads with accurate demographic, firmographic, and buying intent insights to boost conversions.

Rent Email Lists

The Leadbook platform is designed to search companies and contacts with ultra-precision using our filter options to zoom into your target market. Leadbook allows marketers to search contacts from an exhaustive pool of 200M+ verified contacts and rent the email lists to run effective lead generation campaigns from the platform.

Design & Send Email Campaigns

Scale your email marketing program to reach your target audience super fast! Use Leadbook’s email marketing engine to design super creative email campaigns with ease. Leadbook’s email marketing module offers advanced email design & automation features to send the right message at the right time to the right contacts.

Track Email Insights & Generate Leads

The Leadbook email marketing engine is designed to track a wide spectrum of campaign performance metrics to gauge the interest levels of the users and generate leads. Track and segment your leads based on who read the email, clicked on the email links, downloaded the marketing assets, visited a landing page, or filled a form.

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How to Generate Leads Using LeadBook?

Leadbook is a lead generation partner offering a full suite of technology and services to marketers. Marketers leverage Leadbook’s self-serve platform to augment their supply of fresh leads. Or partner with us to use our expertise to manage the lead generation campaigns on their behalf.

Rent email lists, send campaigns & generate leads

Leverage the Leadbook platform to select your search filter, rent your email list, run email campaigns and generate marketing qualified leads.

Managed Lead Generation Services

Want us to drive and manage your lead generation campaigns? Tell us your goals and let us manage the show for you!