Lead Generation

No Time? No Sweat.

We’ll do lead generation for you while you focus on growing your business.

Flexibility with full customisation

We’ll work with you to plan and build everything – finding the best matches for your target profiles, customising assets for maximum brand exposure, customising milestones and timelines to fit your calendar, customising campaign workflows to create your ideal engagement journeys, and more.

Tell us what you want to achieve and watch it happen

A dedicated account manager will be paired with you to understand your objectives, strategise, manage your campaign progress, and provide weekly updates. Our team of experts will build, run and optimise your campaign with their extensive marketing knowledge and industry best practices.

Guaranteed results

Get a free consultation to gauge your campaign’s scale and determine estimated returns.

Lead Generation Campaigns Done For You

Three-month multi-touch lead generation campaign including:

Contact lists from Leadbook’s database
Asset adaptation
Email, form and landing page creation
Asset hosting
Campaign setup, Audience targeting and segmentation
Email dispatching
Lead management
Weekly reporting

Lead Generation Campaign

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How it works

Targeted contact lists from our Leadbook's database

We’ll search our database of 200 million contacts to find matches for your target audience profile

Campaign setup and execution by Leadbook experts

Leadbook marketing automation experts will automate, run and monitor the campaign on your behalf, using the content that you provide

Campaign optimisation, weekly reports and lead management

Leadbook campaign experts will conduct performance optimisations, report to you weekly with campaign updates, and manage and deliver new leads

* Bundles include a dedicated platform workspace, rental of Leadbook contacts, and fully managed campaign services
* Marketing Leads: Unique contacts that have indicated interest in your product/services (clicked on at least 1 call to action)
* Marketing Qualified Leads: Unique contacts that have indicated interest in your product/services via a web form
* Content and copy will be provided by client
* Contact information will be delivered in CSV format
* Excludes integration to other systems

Leadbook’s database is compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). However, depending on the region(s) you are targeting, you might need to run an Opt-in Campaign to get the contact’s permission before sending marketing emails.

Leadbook simplifies the process for you to maintain compliance with GDPR or other data protection regulations while acquiring contacts.

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