Amplify Campaigns (for B2C)

Advertise to millions of potential customers with guaranteed results using our fully managed email campaigns

Amplify your brand message to millions without the hassles of managing – email infrastructure, sender reputation, audience data, or IP blacklisting.

Why Email is an Effective Advertising Channel


Know your audience

Know all your contacts before your campaign

Accurate Report

Accurate reporting

 No fake impressions & clicks. Only genuine engagement reported


Highest ROI

Get higher return on investment than you can expect from any other marketing channel

Amplify offers fully-managed mass outreach email packages that include:

Ready-to-use verified audience for 70 countries
Fully managed campaigns for hassle-free sending
Reputation, IP, & opt-out management for risk-free sending
Guaranteed number of click
Guaranteed number of clicks
Pas as you go
Competitive pay-per-click pricing with highest Return on Investment

How it works

Used & trusted by leading global brands from BFSI, Real Estate, Retail, Software, Automobile & FMCG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your data coverage?

We have ready-to-use verified audience data for 70 countries to run your campaigns.

Do you guarantee the number of clicks I will receive for the campaign?

Yes, we guarantee the minimum clicks for your campaign. It depends on your budget allocation.

Can I expand my audience to generate additional clicks after sending the first campaign?

Yes, the same email can be sent to a new audience by adding extra budget.  However, this is considet a new campaign.

Can I send a new email to the same audience?

New emails can be sent to the same audience by incurring the campaign management fees for a new campaign.

Can I provide the HTML in order to remove the campaign management fees?

Campaign management fees do not just include HTML creation. They include various other services such as Contact Generation, Campaign Scheduling & Email Reporting.

Is A/B testing included in the Amplify package?

A/B testing is not included as standard package.

Can I send a campaign multiple times?

The current Amplify packages allows you to send once. But repeat campaigns can be sent by adding extra budget. 

Will you help me design the email or landing page?

Yes, the design of the email is included in the setup. But there will be additional cost for the landing page.

Do you share a campaign performance report?

Yes, we have a standard report that we share to track campaign performance indicators such as Email Opens, Clicks, Audience size.

What services are covered in the Campaign Management?

Contact list generation, HTML build, email scheduling & detailed reporting for various metrics.

Will the email report include the number of organizations that were covered in the email list?

Yes, we will include the number of organizations that were covered in the email list along with the number of contacts.