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 High-quality verified contact lists to fuel your marketing campaigns

Leadbook Database Software Platform: Find decision-makers and their emails with 97% guaranteed accuracy with Leadbook Database Software Platform. Never purchase duplicates. Import exclusion lists. Keep contact lists verified. Export or sync with your CRM seamlessly

Search Decision-Makers with Ease

Leadbook Database Software Platform: Select your contact & organization search filters and unlock your list –  as simple as that.  Zoom into your target contacts and companies from Leadbook’s 64 million contacts and 11.5 million companies using the most advanced search filters.

For your example: 

Find Directors, VPs & CXO’s in the IT department in Real Estate & Healthcare Industry HQed in Singapore that has more than 500 employees


Never Purchase Duplicates

Save more. Never Purchase Duplicates

Purchase only net new contacts and never waste credits on duplicate contacts. The Leadbook platform has a de-duplication feature to ensure that you never spend your credits on the same contacts.

97% Bounce-free Guarantee

97% Accuracy Guaranteed

Since we run the highest standards of checks for our email verification process, we are confident about the accuracy. We guarantee a 97% accuracy on contact emails and refund any credits spent on invalid data. 

We have a policy of refunding the credits back to your account if you encounter any hard bounces within 30 days of the verification.

Real-time contact generation & verification

Over the years we have built and tested our technology and processes to ensure the highest accuracy for our data. We have designed a real-time verification check that scans the entire data set the moment you wish to unlock it. Our verification system will run its check on the spot and return only the valid contacts for your use.

Verified Contact List

Keep Contact Lists Verified

Verify emails on-demand

Contacts keep changing email accounts, companies, designations. Hence it becomes necessary to verify your contact lists periodically. Leadbook offers email verification on-demand to verify the lists that you have purchased in past within the platform to keep your contact lists fresh, always.

Export and Integrate

Export or Sync with your CRM

Leadbook integrates with your existing sales and marketing stack to make it easier to import data to your existing tools. Export data from Leadbook or connect CRMs to Leadbook to sync data seamlessly. 

Leadbook has built in integration available for seamless data sync with Pipedrive, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and, Hubspot CRM.

Bi-directional data sync

Sync contact and company data between your CRM and Leadbook bi-directionally.

  • Push contacts and/or companies to your CRM
  • Pull contacts and/or companies from your CRM
  • Push contacts to Hubspot based on trigger actions like email open, email click, asset download etc.
Leadbook Integration
Contact Lists

Sample Datasets

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Leadbook refresh its organisation and contact data?

Contacts are generated real-time upon purchase. Contact information, including email address and LinkedIn profiles, are verified before delivery.  Organization and industry information are validated against official government sources and updated quarterly.

How does the 97% no-bounce email guarantee work?

You can claim credit replacements within 30 days of purchasing the contacts. The claim must be done on the platform. Our team will verify the claim and add the credits back into your account.

How safe is the data imported into your platform?

Your contact lists, purchased from Leadbook or imported into the platform, are stored in your own private instance. Your data is stored in the European Union (E.U.) and subject to strict data privacy laws (GDPR).

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