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The Tricor Group strongly believes in harnessing the ‘Power of Information’ across all its businesses. By deploying Leadbook’s Predictive Analytics solution for identifying new sales opportunities, Tricor Group has taken a quantum leap forward.

Arnaud M. Klineberg - Group Head of Commercial Operations, Tricor Global

Leadbook has been instrumental in helping me and my teams in several firms achieve success in market mapping and demand generation.

Charles H. Ferguson - President, Asia Pacific Region- ADP, LLC

Leadbook is indeed a valuable lead generation customer intelligence platform. Its easy-to-use interface allows the user flexibility and precision when creating emailing lists for your intended purposes. Furthermore, the always responsive and conscientious client servicing team acts as a wonderful complement to ensure that you receive what you need to get the job done.

Tania Lai - Business Manager, Interbrand

We are definitely targeting people more accurately with Leadbook. The emails we send and the marketing campaigns we’re running are reaching the right people, which has saved us time and helped us support Singapore companies more effectively.

PHUAN Wen Chuen 潘汶铨 - Assistant Development Partner, Enterprise Singapore

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Accounts & Decision Makers for Priority Sectors

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

The Challenge

Identify organisations and key decision makers for priority industry sectors across Asia-Pacific.


Build list of priority customer target segments in Healthcare, Educations, Public Sector and Non-Profit industry sectors across key markets in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on South Asia.

Identify key decision makers involved in the cloud subscription purchasing process.

Delivered 20,000 verified contacts across 3 main departments; senior management, finance and IT.


Defining Priority Accounts for Sales Development

Salesforce is a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce also provides a suite of commercial applications for managing sales & marketing activities.

The Challenge

Identify the rights accounts to allocate to sales teams across Asia-Pacific.


Helped design specific industry segments and geographic distribution to each sales team in each country.

Built list of target accounts for each new customer acquisition team.

Provided all the relevant business decision makers and their social network handles for outreach via social networks.


Identifying business decision makers

Cloudera Inc. is a United States-based software company that provides Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services, and training to business customers.

The Challenge

Identify all key business decision makers for 2,000 priority accounts from 10 countries.


Created a definition for “business decision makers” in the context of Cloudera’s business.

Built a list of 25,000 decision makers with mapping across organizations, functions and seniority.

Created a unique format for integration with Oracle’s Eloqua.

The Leadbook process for generating the list of decision makers was 10x faster than any other method used by Cloudera in the past.

Tricor Group

Identifying cross-country opportunities

Tricor Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a leading provider of integrated business, corporate and investor services in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

The Challenge

Following the acquisition of multiple independent businesses worldwide, Tricor Group wanted to identify customer accounts that were a Tricor’s customer in one country but not in another for each of the 4 main product lines.


Analyzed 30,000 existing customer accounts across the 4 main product lines. Research the geographical presence of each customer (or group companies) and map against the service coverage of Tricor’s 4 main product lines.

Identify the customer accounts most likely to purchase a service from Tricor.

Identify they key business decision makers for each of the recommended target account for cross-selling.

Enterprise Singapore

Defining Priority Accounts for Sales Development

Enterprise Singapore is the government agency that promotes international trade and partners Singapore companies to go global.

The Challenge

Enterprise Singapore wanted to accelerate the process of organizing international events to promote Singapore-based companies around the world.


Created an unlimited access plan to the Leadbook platform, allowing members of the marketing and market access team to research every market segment worldwide.

The platform is used to identify venues for the events, create list of guests from specific industries and create list of companies that can be introduced to Singapore-based companies.

Enterprise Singapore ranked Leadbook as the best customer intelligence platform and providing official government endorsement.

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