Outreach Plan

Nurture your prospects and outreach to new prospects

Nurture and outreach at scale with access to a self-updating database of 200M ready-to-use, verified global business contacts, an email engine that’s capable of sending millions of emails daily, and a suite of lead generation tools to handle the complexities of sending those emails at scale. Get the most out of an all-in-one lead generation platform with an integrated contact database.

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How it works

Find your target audience

Unlimited contact search from a verified database of:
200 million contacts, 11.5 million organisations, 195 countries, 150 industries

Filter contacts based on:
Location, industry and sectors, job title, seniority, department, organisation size, organisation type, organisation age, technographics, and more

Create personalised content and build engagement journeys

Personalise at scale:
Import email-ready HTML, customise from templates, or build from scratch with Leadbook’s drag-and-drop builder. Personalise at scale with personalisation tokens and dynamic content. Create targeted emails, landing pages, and forms. Build tailored email sequences.

Track results and optimise performance

Selection of reports:

  • Campaign performance tracking (open, click-through, unsubscribe)
  • Lead score and activity tracking
  • Content performance tracking
  • Insights for optimisation of subsequent campaigns
  • Engagement history for each contact

Export leads to feed sales and marketing funnels

  • Unlock leads (reveal contact information for contacts that have shown interest in your products or services)
  • Integrate CRMs and other platforms
  • On-demand export of leads in a CSV file

Choose the Plan That’s Best for You

Fit the needs of any campaign

Leadbook Campaign Support

Lead generation can be complex. We know it’s not easy getting started, let alone putting it to work effectively. We’re here to help.

Need to run a campaign but don’t have the time to figure things out? Need help putting a robust lead generation platform to full use? Or simply don’t know where to start? Leadbook’s Lead Generation Experts are available to help you kick off your first campaigns on our platform, from end-to-end.

With flexible hourly support options, you can be assured that we will guide you in every step of the way to reaching your objective.

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