B2B Prospecting Platform

Quickly find and connect with marketing prospects


Build a list

Build your target lists from a database of 77 million verified business decision makers.


Send a campaign

Send thousands of highly personalized emails to make meaningful connections.


View marketing leads

View contacts with proven interest in your products or services.


Purchase contact lists

Purchase business decision makers or contacts with proven interest in your products or services.

Intelligent Search With Advanced Filters

Enter keywords to search by name, location, job title, seniority, industry or organization size. Our intelligent search engine will return the most relevant results. You can do unlimited searches and preview the results in the main table.

Unlock to View Verified Contacts

We operate a consumption model with a credit system that allows you to pick and choose only what you need. You can do unlimited searches and preview all profiles before you decide to spend your credits to unlock profiles.

Build Lists to Save Your Results

Create lists for each target groups or campaigns. Easily add or remove a profile from a list. Save for future use and export when needed.

Access Featured Lists

One-click to access to all contacts from the most sought after companies in the world. e.g. Forbes Global 2000, Fortune 500, Public Listed Companies, etc.

Insights Into the Organisation and Contacts

View firmographic information for every organization and their list of employees.

Create an email Campaign

Create a Campaign by clicking ‘New Campaign’ and enter the required information like campaign name, subject and sender name to proceed further.

Enter your Email Content / Template

Write the desired content for the campaign or paste your HTML template.

Select the Target List

Select the audience for the email campaign from your “My list” of targeted contacts.

Track Campaign Results

The outcome of the campaigns can be viewed on the basis of engagements or click-throughs. You can re-engage the best prospects to identify your potential new customers.

Purchase Click-Through Leads

You can purchase the Click-Through Leads with your credits by unlocking their contact profiles.

Never Purchase Duplicates

All users from your team can access the entire database worldwide and see what has been unlocked by another user. This means your team will never purchase the same data twice and will have no duplicates. We validate all contacts before adding them to the platform and we run quarterly verification cycles. However, if you find duplicates, you can report them to us and get credits back to unlock new profiles.

Automatic Updates and Notifications

The profiles you acquire from Leadbook are maintained on the cloud platform and continuously updated with new verified information, at no additional cost. You will be notified automatically when contacts become outdated, for example when the contacts are no longer employed by the organization.

CSV / XLS Exports and CRM Integrations

Unlimited export capability CSV, XLS and various CRM integrations; Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM.

Earn free credits by sharing your data

Get free credits by linking your Google for business account or upload your contact lists. You earn 50 free credits the first time you link your Google for business account. You will also get additional free credits after we verify your business contacts.

Contact Us for Data Services & Recommendations

We are uniquely positioned to offer valuable data & analytic services to help sales & marketing teams accelerate growth; Additional & custom datasets, Data cleansing and enrichment,Building customer & buyer persona, Lead scoring and identifying “whitespace” accounts with similar attributes, Predicting cross-sell and up-sell opportunities from your existing accounts, Technology insights – find out which technology a company is using.

Contact Us for Outbound Campaigns

Build your email lists on the Leadbook Platform and contact us for the outbound campaigns. You do not have to purchase the data, you can rent it from us. We are uniquely positioned to help you reach targeted prospects with our sophisticated email automation engine; Lead generation, Invitations to events, Marketing communication opt-in campaigns, Increasing website traffic, Distribution of press-releases.